The Energy Diagnosis (DE) is the starting point of all our services, as it provides a “snapshot” of the company’s energy needs divided into areas of consumption. In this way it is possible to identify all the problems and therefore plan efficiency interventions with precision, establishing the order of priority and the possibility of coordination between them.


The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is undoubtedly the tool that most of all sums up our operations. Through it, we take directly responsibility for the identification, planning, design and implementation of an initiative that determines the improvement of energy efficiency, where possible also through the use of renewable sources. The remuneration of our business is connected to the cash flow of the savings actually obtained during a certain period of time, during which we also manage the management and maintenance of the plants.


In addition to the traditional technical guarantees on the product, Etikasolar offers its customers an insurance guarantee on the proposed savings performance (indirect damages).

For the pay-back period of the plant, the insurance covers: 
• Direct damage (caused by snow overload, frost, flooding, natural / catastrophic events, terrorism and sabotage, fire, etc., but also machine failure and electric phenomenon).
• Indirect damages (lack of producibility of the plant due to a standstill caused by direct damage).

The warranty is valid only with:
• After subscription of the maintenance contract.
• For the use of the cogenerator for the production of electrical and thermal energy, designed and sized by Etikasolar according to consumption, hours of operation and electricity and gas costs provided by the customer.


Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), commonly referred to as “white certificates”, are a form of incentive related to the implementation of energy efficiency measures, introduced by the D.M. of 20/07/2004 With over 750,000 recognized Energy Efficiency Titles and more than 390 projects presented and positively certified by the Energy Services Operator (GSE) Spa, we are among the first national operators active in this mechanism. The TEE service is of the success fee type, ie without initial costs for the customer, as we retain only a portion of the incentive with prior approval of the energy saving project implemented.


The Third-Party Funding (FTT) is the financial instrument that allows us to carry out energy efficiency interventions with customers, without the latter fully or partially supporting them. The investment is entirely guaranteed by the plant created and the savings generated by the same, which at the expiry of the contract becomes in effect the property of the customer, who will begin to fully enjoy the benefits related to it. By resorting to the Third-Party Credit Service, the customer’s spending budget is not affected, at the same time losing the opportunity to achieve energy and economic savings.


Every building and every business activity requires investments for energy saving.

For what concerns the activities of energy efficiency and production of energy from renewable sources, we deal with the analysis of consumption, identifies the interventions aimed at efficiency, manages the operational process and maintenance, ensuring the savings generated.

Under certain conditions, we will fully support the investment and will be remunerated by sharing the value of the savings generated with the customer. In this way the customer company draws immediate economic, environmental and management benefits at no cost.

At the end of the contract with Etika Solar, you will benefit from the works and the total savings generated. The target of customers: large-scale retail trade, large companies, property managers, hospitals and clinics, public bodies

For those who want to save immediately the benefits of the entire savings generated, investing directly in the efficiency improvement activities, we propose ourselves as general contractor or as a qualified design studio for lighting projects.


  • Proposal of the investments to be made choosing among PlanGreen already tested suppliers or performing technical due diligence on the suppliers chosen by the Customer
  • Full savings generated for the benefit of the customer, with an annual guarantee against PlanGreen until the payback of the investment is reached
  • Study and lighting design able to guarantee an illumination suitable for large-scale retail, enhance the various areas and place different accents based on the illuminated goods
  • Consumption monitoring with synoptic panels and reporting
  • Obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates (if the conditions of the Customer’s plant permit it)

At the customer’s choice, the advice can be differentiated from the supply contract, in order to apply a leasing or an operating lease of the new plant.


  • Lighting audit
  • Study and lighting design able to guarantee an average illumination suitable not only for the norm, but for the enhancement of the various areas and to put different accents according to the illuminated goods
  • Obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates
  • (if the conditions of the electrical system allow it)


These are contributions that reward your energy efficiency measures. By entrusting you to us, therefore, you will not only reduce your energy costs, but
you will also get an economic incentive.


By contacting our experts you can increase the energy performance of your plants, reducing waste and significantly reducing consumption and expenses.


Manage your energy consumption easily? From today it is possible.
We have developed a service for you that allows you to transform the raw data measured in analysis and advanced reports to support your energy choices.