ETIKASOLAR Spa was founded in 2007 with the aim of proposing itself on the Italian market as a producer of solar energy.

Over time, ETIKASOLAR has extended its technical and professional skills, including the most modern technologies of energy efficiency, in relation to the civil, industrial and public administration market.

We are committed, in the respect of the environment, to ensure excellence in consulting, in design, in installations of photovoltaic systems, in the care of our customers.

ETIKASOLAR Spa’s solutions, for small consumers or large industrial structures, are turnkey, to guarantee customers total assistance in the construction of plants: a single interlocutor as integrator of each component, to ensure maximum exploitation of the Incentives of the Account Power.

The strength of ETIKASOLAR Spa is in the professionalism of its collaborators, experts and holders of a long-term know-how, as well as in the investment of its founders, who have always been supporters of all forms of renewable energy.

The investment in a photovoltaic system, can vary from simple coverage of electricity consumption or part of them, to the sale of excess energy: with us all this today is simple and convenient


Consume less and consume better. This is how ETIKASOLAR’s commitment can be summarized alongside companies. A commitment that began in 2007, with one goal: to support customers in the rationalization of energy resources. There are two possible ways: the optimization of energy use processes, ie a more conscious use of energy sources that avoids, where possible, waste, and self-production by means of low environmental impact technologies such as photovoltaics and cogeneration.

ETIKASOLAR provides the turnkey solution ensuring all phases for the realization of the project. Energy analysis, design, supply, authorization procedures, management and obtaining state incentives, service and maintenance. In fact, it supports companies in the path towards an economic and environmental benefit. It does this by intervening with its own financial resources and thanks to strategic partnerships consolidated over the years.


We try to explain our model in a few words: we support the customer with the aim of making energy production at his company more efficient, defining with him the best route to take in terms of economic and environmental return. Thus, the cost of the client company will be zero. Indeed, despite ETIKASOLAR to deal with the need to fully fund the project through ES.co, the savings that will emerge will be shared.

The ES.co is financed with a share of the savings obtained by the company on the energy bill, with a view to sharing the advantages. We want to undertake a journey together with the companies, evaluating, implementing and managing the necessary interventions and taking care of all the risks. Without capital assets, which remain available to the core business of companies.


We work with you looking for customized solutions to your every need, in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

We guarantee excellence in the provision of technical and consulting services. We rely on the skills of professionalism and competence, to ensure not only environmental protection, but the savings, energy and economic.


We want to be a leader in responsible energy exploitation, to guide you in optimizing the value of your investments, respecting current energy policies and contributing to the reduction of global warming.